What you learn from running a marathon

Running a marathon is much more a journey than a single event. And we go through that journey for all sorts of reasons: just to prove to ourselves that we are capable of doing so, some (at least one I am aware of) to commemorate a loved one that passed away, and others… because they’ve lost a bet. No matter what your reasons are, you’ll come out a different person.

Here’s a list of what you can learn from running a marathon

2. Aim for the impossible

If you are reading this thinking, a marathon that’s just a crazy distance. I am never able to do that. Well, it is a crazy distance (and also a little arbitrary). And it can be mind boggling to think that you are expected to cover the distance RUNNING. But, so many have gone before. It took them a lot of hard work and dedication, but they did, so why can’t you? And besides isn’t it a liberating idea to set yourself to such a task that’s going to demand you to reach the outer limits of your body, but do that voluntarily with no strings attached? Your income doesn’t depend on it, neither does your life (unless it’s part of that silly bet). Going for it can only be a win!

1. The fun is in the process

Marathon training is not easy. It takes time, lot’s of it. And it won’t be comfortable all the time. You’re going to experience sourness and pain in joints and muscles, lose a toe nail here and there, feel fatigued and sluggish on some runs. Also you might feel guilt for not spending enough time with your family, and FOMO for missing out on all the parties and fun stuff that your friends and family do while you are running your long run. And you’re going to feel sluggish on some runs. But that is all part of the process. The marathon is the process, with an event at the end. It goes with ups and downs. and…

If someone told you he took an Uber to Santiago de Compostela, would you call that a pilgrimage? No, of course not. The fun is in the process. If you can muster this for your marathon you can muster it elsewhere!

3. Go for it, and again, and again

If you train for a marathon, you’re going to keep pushing through. Again and again. No matter the temperature, the rain, other setbacks. Because you know, if I don’t i might as well not start the race. So you will keep pushing. Once this mentality becomes a part of your identity (as it did with so many other marathoners) it will help you with all the challenges life throws at you.

4. You’ve never actually reached your limit

A marathon is demanding. It can carry you to hell… but luckily it will also bring you back, and even further. The joys if you’ve reached the finish line, realising the pain cave that you went through in order to get there. And the realisation that the human body and mind are capable of such incomprehensible tasks… that’s… going to make you fly.

5. Pride is for ever

Pain is temporary, pride is forever. No matter what happens, no one can ever take that marathon away from you. They can remind you of the pain. But the pride will linger forever. And, if you are willing to go through all this for a marathon, then why not for…

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