• Running in the off-season

    Running in the off-season

    It’s been two weeks today. Two whole weeks of no running. Except the three times I ran for half an hour. But considering the amount of half hours there are in a week, three times half an hour is the same as not running, right? I’m now in the prospect of Running in the off-season.…

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  • What you learn from running a marathon

    What you learn from running a marathon

    Running a marathon is much more a journey than a single event. And we go through that journey for all sorts of reasons: just to prove to ourselves that we are capable of doing so, some (at least one I am aware of) to commemorate a loved one that passed away, and others… because they’ve…

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  • I just finished a marathon in 2.54.44

    I just finished a marathon in 2.54.44

    It’s been almost two weeks since I ran a marathon under 3 hours, and the runners high is far from diminished. It wasn’t my first marathon but to me a very important one. It was the race to fix what went ‘wrong’ last year. in 2021 I finished the marathon in 3.00.09. Last year’s marathon,…

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  • Overview: Fastest marathons in the world

    Overview: Fastest marathons in the world

    Here is a list of some of the fastest marathons in the world in no particular order. If your goal is to set a new PR in 2023, then check out these races. Some of them do not have qualifying times, but they can get you a qualifying for other races! Berlin: absolute fastest in…

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  • Running and Therapeutic Landscapes

    Running and Therapeutic Landscapes

    A couple of weeks ago I came across the concept of ‘Therapeutic Landscapes’. The concept stuck with me and on one of my long runs I came to wonder whether it satisfies as a concept to gain a deeper understanding of the attractiveness of long distance running, and especially marathon racing. In this post i’ll…

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