How to do Yasso 800s

Wonder if you are on track reaching your marathon goals? Meet Yasso 800.

Named after the ‘mayor of running’ (at least, that’s what wikipedia says) Bart Yasso, this workout might be a good predictor to see if you are on track reaching your marathon goal time. But does it actually work?

As with everything else we love in this world: it’s complicated. Doing just this single workout once, a couple of weeks before your race is not a predictor of your marathon finish time. You might be able to complete the workout, but it won’t tell you anything about your marathon racing time. However, incorporating this workout into your training (next to tempo training, lot’s of easy running and a couple of long runs), does give you a sense of your potential finish time.

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Check out this video where I talk more about Yasso 800s

But more importantly, it is a demanding but seriously satisfying workout!

How to do Yasso 800s

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