Forerunner 965 rumors specs and release date

Forerunner 965: rumors, specs and release date

On november 8th 2022 Garmin released their newest sports watch: the Garmin Instinct Crossover. It is somewhat of an instinct 2, but with real clock hands. The crossover itself is not too interesting to us runners, but it does crank up the rumour machine: here you’ll find Forerunner 965 rumors, release date specs and speculations.

This post will be continuously updated. Latest update: 2022-11-09

Forerunner 955 Solar - released June 2022 (source: Garmin)
Forerunner 955 Solar – released June 2022 (source: Garmin)

Forerunner 965 specs (or a ramped up 955 first?)

With the Garmin Forerunner 955 and the 955 Solar being released June 2022, we will not see a new Forerunner before the end of this year. It will most certainly be no sooner than half of 2023. However, based on previous releases it remains to be seen whether that will be a Forerunner 965, or perhaps Garmin will present a Forerunner 955 (Solar) with LTE instead.

Amongst others, Pocket-lint spoke of an LTE listing on the official Garmin site back in January 2022. We know now that an LTE version wasn’t released last June, so perhaps that’s what Garmin will have in store for us before we see a 965.

Another variation could be an AMOLED version of the 955. Personally i’m not that interested in an AMOLED screen during my races. AMOLED performs less in bright sunlight than Garmin’s standard screen. I’m interested in setting PR’s and my watch can help me with that, why settle for ‘less?’. I understand that if your watch doubles as a smartwatch, its a different story of course.

Release dates, induction and speculation

As of this writing nothing is known yet about a release date of a new watch in the forerunner 9** series. At this stage we are limited to doing some induction/deduction from earlier releases.

In previous years we’ve seen a new version of the 9** series every other year up until the 945 LTE, followed by a 955/Solar coming a year later. If they would somewhat continue that line, a release schedule might look something like this. Please note that this is no more than speculation:

Forerunner 935March 2017
Forerunner 945April 2019
Forerunner 945 LTEJune 2021
Forerunner 955/SolarJune 2022
Forerunner 955/Solar LTE/AMOLED?Mid 2023?
Forerunner 965…Mid/Late 2024?
Will previous release dates translate to the future?

That’s it for now! I’ll keep an eye out for any developments. Make sure to come back to this post in the future.

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