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  • How to do hill repeats without hills

    Living in Amsterdam where it’s basically pancake flat, it is hard to incorporate hill training into my training cycle. As there are some great benefits to running hills, I use bridges instead! i’ve made myself a running course where I cross the canal over some of the tallest bridges. I managed to get 140 meter […]

  • How to increase your running mileage

    In this video I talk about how I think you should increase your running mileage. Instead of increasing the total amount of miles/kilometers week after week. incorporate a down week every three or four weeks.

  • Running for time or for distance?

    Fancy taking your running to the next level by going for your first marathon? Great idea! You’ve probably found hundreds of different trainingplans online (Trainingpeaks is a good source). But should you pick a time based or distance based running plan? What’s the difference anyway?

  • How to do Yasso 800s

    Wonder if you are on track reaching your marathon goals? Meet Yasso 800. Named after the ‘mayor of running’ (at least, that’s what wikipedia says) Bart Yasso, this workout might be a good predictor to see if you are on track reaching your marathon goal time. But does it actually work? As with everything else […]