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  • How to carry gels in a marathon

    I remember in the lead up to my first marathon I would literally lay awake at night worrying how I could carry all those energy gels during my race, as I planned to run light: shorts, singlet, socks, speedy shoes. Those worrying days are over: I have nailed it. And now I’m sharing with you: […]

  • How to: Periodization in marathon training done right!

    Whether you are a professional athlete, or recreational distance running enthusiast, once you train year-round, you have to consider periodization in marathon training. In this post I’m going to give you the building blocks so you can do it too. By periodized running we mean that you break up your training cycle into several blocks. […]

  • How to train for a marathon: a beginner’s guide

    You’ve come here because you are planning to run a marathon. Now you want to know how. Seek no more! This is your definitive guide: How to train for a marathon. Instead of starting this post with stuff like: it takes time and dedication etc. etc. I’m just gonna dive right in. It is a […]

  • What you learn from running a marathon

    Running a marathon is much more a journey than a single event. And we go through that journey for all sorts of reasons: just to prove to ourselves that we are capable of doing so, some (at least one I am aware of) to commemorate a loved one that passed away, and others… because they’ve […]

  • I just finished a marathon in 2.54.44

    It’s been almost two weeks since I ran a marathon under 3 hours, and the runners high is far from diminished. It wasn’t my first marathon but to me a very important one. It was the race to fix what went ‘wrong’ last year. in 2021 I finished the marathon in 3.00.09. Last year’s marathon, […]

  • How to increase your running mileage

    In this video I talk about how I think you should increase your running mileage. Instead of increasing the total amount of miles/kilometers week after week. incorporate a down week every three or four weeks.

  • 5 best marathon tempo workouts

    At some point in your marathon career you’ll come to the point where finishing a marathon is no longer enough. You might want to go for the next challenge and set yourself a time goal (running sub-three hours for example).

  • Running for time or for distance?

    Fancy taking your running to the next level by going for your first marathon? Great idea! You’ve probably found hundreds of different trainingplans online (Trainingpeaks is a good source). But should you pick a time based or distance based running plan? What’s the difference anyway?

  • How to do Yasso 800s

    Wonder if you are on track reaching your marathon goals? Meet Yasso 800. Named after the ‘mayor of running’ (at least, that’s what wikipedia says) Bart Yasso, this workout might be a good predictor to see if you are on track reaching your marathon goal time. But does it actually work? As with everything else […]