Category: Running science

  • Become a better runner with a running shoe rotation.

    Besides the fact that some of you might find it enjoyable to buy new running shoes, studies have shown that it is actually beneficial to your running and your wallet (go tell that to your spouse!) to rotate multiple running shoes in a week. Using multiple shoes throughout the week reduces the chance of injury […]

  • Heart beats: Cardiac Drift and how to deal with it

    You might have noticed that sometimes during a long run, at a certain point in your run, your heart rate goes up, while the intensity of the run remains the same. This rise in heart rate is called cardiac drift. In this post I’ll dive into what is cardiac drift and how to deal with […]

  • Running and Therapeutic Landscapes

    A couple of weeks ago I came across the concept of ‘Therapeutic Landscapes’. The concept stuck with me and on one of my long runs I came to wonder whether it satisfies as a concept to gain a deeper understanding of the attractiveness of long distance running, and especially marathon racing. In this post i’ll […]