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  • Running when sick: how to know if I can go out

    The flu has officially arrived in my home (which is not so surprising with a baby daughter bringing all sorts of viruses home from day care). When it comes to running I don’t really bother about having a bit of a runny nose. Usually I can just continue training. As a matter of fact I…

  • Jeepers Creepers! What does my final marathon week look like?

    Upcoming Sunday is your big day. You’ve been training for months and this Sunday you’ll be racing your marathon. But, now that all that training is over, you don’t want to be sitting there nervously waiting for race day. What to do in the week before the marathon? As I mention in practically every post,…

  • How to increase your running mileage

    In this video I talk about how I think you should increase your running mileage. Instead of increasing the total amount of miles/kilometers week after week. incorporate a down week every three or four weeks.