About me

Hi i’m Frake

I am a medical anthropologist. I tech everything related to health and social technologies (Sports watches, robotics, virtual reality, and all that stuff) at the Social Work department of the University of Applied science in Amsterdam. My focus is on the relationship between such technologies and the experiences of health.

Marathon runner

I am also a runner with a passion for the marathon (and other long distances). I am much better at road racing where I am very PR focussed, than I am on the trails. I love the trails as a place to do my training and an occasional race but i’m far from competitive there.

42runs.eu is a blog about marathon running. Here I share my personal training and racing experiences, share some of my thoughts and insights on running (tips and tricks!) and every now and then I reflect on distance running from a social science perspective. I call this: ‘the sociology of running’.

If you have any ideas, questions or suggestions, feel free to send me a message.

Have fun reading.

P.s. Here you can find an overview of the gear that I use on a daily basis for my running